Shark's Fin

Shark's Fin


Sansevieria masoniana (Mason's Congo)

Sansevieria masoniana (Mason's Congo) is a semi-succulent plant with wonderful, dark green leaves with smudged, light green spots and a…

Shark's Fin - garden

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What We’re Doing

Fighting with science, that’s what we’re doing.

With facts and research to back up our position, we helped push through the federal bill prohibiting finning in the United States, including lobbying many senators and congresspeople. We also helped push through bills banning the shark fin trade in 11 states, and are supporting the current H.R.737 - Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2019. And you can be assured that we’ll be at the upcoming CITES Conference of the Parties passionately advocating for increased shark protections from the fin trade.

But we believe in grassroots activism as well so we provide a number of tools for public use by our SRI community.

We’ve found the four-to-a-page signature forms below don’t get deleted like email comments or shredded easily. We encourage you download and collect signatures. You can send them to us for delivery to legislators.

For restaurants that have agreed not to serve shark fin soup we provide door stickers and menu cards so they can announce their position on the shark fin trade to their patrons.

SRI Advisory Board Member Michael Aw has designed artful table cards that can be used at wedding banquets (a significant amount of shark fin soup consumption) so the family can make their wishes for sharks known.

NOAA Fisheries first banned shark finning in the Atlantic Ocean in 1993 because of the role it played in overfishing. Congress extended the ban to any vessel in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone with the Shark Finning Prohibition Act of 2000 and Shark Conservation Act of 2010 .

Under these laws, fishermen must bring a shark to shore with all its fins naturally attached. That specific requirement is what makes our ban so effective. For example, it prevents fishermen from finning one shark and using staples or tape to attach the fins to another carcass on the boat. This is a loophole other countries have had to deal with.

The only exception to our requirement for fins to be naturally attached is Atlantic smooth dogfish . Fishermen can remove their fins at sea, but only if they meet a number of restrictions .

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